Miasmata Soundtrack Available Now!

By Bob Johnson, Posted December 31, 2012

Get it now on at Bandcamp

Miasmata Available Now!
By Bob Johnson, Posted November 28, 2012

Get it now at GOG and Steam!

Miasmata Trailer Released
By Bob Johnson, Posted August 20, 2012

Miasmata's second official trailer has been released!
Direct YouTube link


Miasmata Coming Soon!
By Bob Johnson, Posted May 5, 2012

Thanks to everyone for supporting us and following our progress! We're working hard to get Miasmata finished. Thanks for your patience. Stay tuned!

Announcing Miasmata!
By Bob Johnson, Posted September 8, 2011

We are pleased to announce our upcomming PC game Miasmata! The game has been in development for several years and we've been dying to unveil it.

Click here to find out more about Miasmata, including screenshots, gameplay information and an overview of the game's story and setting.

Obulis Now on Steam!
By Bob Johnson, Posted March 19, 2009

Obulis is now available through Steam, the world's premiere digital distribuion service for PC games.

Obulis Published by Meridian4
By Bob Johnson, Posted March 11, 2009

We're thrilled to announce a publishing agreement with Meridian4 to bring Obulis to digital distribution portals such as Steam, D2D and more.

Obulis is Here! Download it Now for PC!
By Bob Johnson, Posted June 14, 2008

Finally! After months of development, we've finally finished Obulis for Windows PC! We hope everyone enjoys playing it. We think you will! Thanks to everyone who has followed our progress and sent us encouraging emails! We couldn't do this without our fans.

We've made a demo available to download below. It contains 19 levels from the full version. We hope you'll support us by buying the full game. It has over 150 levels, so there's plenty of fun in store for you!

Learn More
Buy it now for $19.99

Project: Outland Screenshots
By Bob Johnson, Posted June 1, 2007

Project: Outland was a game we were developing for Windows Mobile based smartphones and PocketPCs. The game has been cancelled so we can focus on our PC projects, such and Obulis.

Click Here for 8 Project: Outland Screenshots

View 8 More Screenshots

Obulis for PC




Call of Duty 2: Pocket PC Edition



Obulis: The Second Epoch

• Windows Mobile 2003+ Pocket PC
• 200Mhz CPU or higher


GeoRally EX

• Designed Specifically for Dell Axim x50v and x51v



GeoRally 2005

• Windows Mobile 2003+ Pocket PC
• 200Mhz CPU or higher




• Windows Mobile 2003+ Pocket PC
• 200Mhz CPU or higher


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