About Us

We are IonFx Studios, LLC, an independent video game developer based in St. Paul, Minnesota. We specialize in high-quality games for PC and mobile platforms. Our first title, GeoRally 2005, was introduced in December 2004, setting a new standard for real-time software rendered 3d graphics on Windows Mobile. We developed a ground-up conversion of Call of Duty 2 for Windows Mobile, based on Activision's award winning series of PC and console shooters. We also provided our talents in the development of an ARM-based software OpenGL driver that allowed Aspyr to ship Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 for Pocket PCs. Our most recent release is Obulis for PC and is available on leading distribution portals such as Steam and D2D.

We have developed relationships with leading technology companies including Intel, Marvell, Meridian4, Nvidia and Aspyr Media. Our GeoRally titles have been full-featured pack-ins on Dell's X51 line of Pocket PCs.

Our philosophy for success is relying on our talent, innovation and a passion to make great games. All of our software is built from the ground up. We design all of our engines and create many of our tools in-house.

The People Behind the Games:

Bob Johnson - Creative Lead

Bob is the founder and creative mind at IonFx. He is the 2d/3d artist, level designer, animator, musician and interface designer here at IonFx. To put it more simply, Bob does everything that doesn't involve coding. He is also in charge of business development for IonFx. For business inquiries, please contact Bob directly at:

Joe Johnson - Technology Lead

Joe handles technology development at IonFx. He is an elite 3d graphics programmer with an unmatched understanding of C++ and assembly. Among his many other accomplishments, Joe has developed some of the most sophisticated software 3d engines ever conceived on mobile platforms. Joe's understanding of highly-optimized real-time 3d rendering, lighting and physics is legendary.

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