Press Release - Obulis for PC

St. Paul, MN - June 16, 2008
- IonFx Studios, LLC today announced the release of Obulis, a new physics-based strategy/action game for Windows PC. Obulis is based on IonFx's award winning mobile game of the same name. Obulis is available for immediate download at and has a retail price of $19.99. A 19-level trial version is available as a free download as well.

"Our goal was to not simply translate the gameplay that made Obulis on Mobile so great and engaging. We wanted to take things to an entirely new level," said Bob Johnson, co-designer of Obulis. "HD graphics, full rigid body physics, tons of great music. We sculpted every facet of Obulis. Combine that with the fact that Obulis was and still is a totally original concept, and we expect Obulis for PC to become a classic.

Obulis features 151 levels, taking the player on a journey through over a dozen interesting themes, including Egyptian tombs, the inner-workings of a magnificent clock tower and Japanese gardens. The player's task is simply to select and cut ropes and chains within each level. Doing this will set the level in motion by the forces of gravity and physical interaction. The player must harness this energy to drop all of the colored spheres within each the level into their like-colored pots. The gameplay in Obulis is so simple that it can literally be learned in seconds, although the puzzles will keep the player thinking for hours.