Obulis is an inventive new puzzle game from IonFx. Cut ropes and chanins to set the colored balls in motion. Use the power of gravity and momentum to swing, drop and collide the balls into oneanother. Drop the colored balls into the correctly colored pot, and you've won!

• Unlike any game before it.
• Colorful graphics.
• Original music.
• Hours of challenging gameplay.


• Windows Mobile 2003 or higher
• 200Mhz CPU or higher
• 10MB Storage

What people are saying about Obulis...

"Obulis is one of those games that’s just done perfectly, from the graphics and sound, to the actual gameplay. It’s one of those games, that’s a joy to play and has that also important “Just One More Go” factor."

- Gamesforppc.com

"I’m impressed with Obulis and would like to see more games like it."

- Allen Gall, Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine